Some awesome stuff that’s been on the interwebs

Most of these are from the Huffington Post because, let's face it, Huffpo is kicking ass on the mental health front. Michelle Obama, the queen (sorry Beyonce): Let's Change the Conversation Around Mental Health Humans of New York: Anxiety photo The Huffington Post: When is it OK to Claim You're Having a Panic Attack? Some … Continue reading Some awesome stuff that’s been on the interwebs


Highly Sensitive People

I took the week off yoga last week, and boy was that an eye opener. I've known for a long time that yoga helps to manage the anxiety and panic attacks, and this year when school started I tried to really commit to a regular yoga schedule. Last week I thought I was getting sick … Continue reading Highly Sensitive People

Rewards for the faithful

I'm back! I haven't been very committed to writing here lately, and for that, I apologize. Part of it is adjusting to my new schedule at work, part of it is that the dude and I have both been sick and thus my energy has been lacking, and part of it is that, to be honest, … Continue reading Rewards for the faithful


Ok, so a while ago I did a post about some tools that have helped me manage my anxiety. And now, I want to write about the gear that makes those tools possible. I know that seems kind of silly, but living with the dude has given me a new appreciation of good, functional design. … Continue reading Gear