Or maybe not

I think the thing I love/hate about anxiety the most is how quickly it changes. For instance, yesterday, I was all super pumped about how well my anxiety checklist worked and how proud I am of myself for managing it. Today, I started my morning with an oversize dose of pepto bismal and am eating … Continue reading Or maybe not



GUYS. Something pretty damn cool happened today. First, you need a little context. So, NYC teachers get observed by the principal and/or assistant principal multiple times per year. Then we get rated according to a research-based rubric by a big education guru (hey Danielson), and that gets put into our file. At the end of … Continue reading Success!

Some things I’ve learned about anxiety

I was looking at my Symple data the other day and I noticed that I've only had one panic attack in the last six months. And while I've clearly felt some anxiety in that time, it's been pretty mild. (That blip in the data is the month where I felt like Symple wasn't helping me anymore … Continue reading Some things I’ve learned about anxiety

More awesome internet things

These both come to you courtesy of the dude, who, amazing partner that he is, keeps an eye out for interesting anxiety-related stuff and passes it on to me(which is great, considering that most of the articles I read come from the Huffington post). How I got so lucky as to have a partner like … Continue reading More awesome internet things

It’s ok and you are ok and it’s not your fault.

Huffpo is really kicking ass on the whole mental health front lately. They published an article today that is a collection of studies that show that mental illness is biological, not a personality flaw or something you can just "get over". Three cheers for Huffpo swinging its weight in the fight against stigma. For the 75% … Continue reading It’s ok and you are ok and it’s not your fault.

The two mes

For a long, long time, I've felt like there have been two mes. One is a kind of persona; the other the expression of my internal life. We started talking about this in therapy yesterday, and it's been on my mind. Why are there two? Is one more authentic than the other? Are these different … Continue reading The two mes

Seeing it all come to fruition

My awesome sister is due to give birth in a month and a half, and last weekend, we threw her a baby shower. Since I'm her little sister and we're best friends and generally just love the crap out of each other, she asked me to host. Obviously, I did (and I did a kick … Continue reading Seeing it all come to fruition