Words, words, words

I've been thinking a lot about the dude's interview, specifically his comment about how when people have experienced some situational anxiety or apprehension, it's easy for them to think they know what it's like to live with an anxiety disorder. I've been lucky in that most of the people I've told about my experience haven't expressed … Continue reading Words, words, words

All apologies

I owe you guys a big apology. I've been doing a horrible job of posting lately. To be honest, I'm in some pretty intense denial that I have to go back to school a week from tomorrow. As excited as I am for my Hunger Games-themed classroom decorations, I haven't gotten my head around all … Continue reading All apologies

Home sweet apartment

It's good to be home. We got in late Saturday night, and it felt so good to be in my own bed. I definitely felt any anxiety that was left melting away. And getting on the mat the next day? FORGETABOUTIT. The. Best. I don't think I've ever been so happy to do yoga. It … Continue reading Home sweet apartment

Going to California

We've been in San Francisco for a couple of days, and there are some things I've noticed about how anxiety functions when I travel. Sleep matters more than normal. The bed in our room is shoved up against the corner(which is on my side) and the room is only a foot wider than the bed … Continue reading Going to California

Days like this

Oof. Today was the worst day I've had in a long while. It wasn't one of those ramped up, scared, fight or flight days. It was a sad and overwhelmed day, which I guess I don't write about much. I felt pretty ok this morning, but as the dude and I were getting ready to … Continue reading Days like this

It’s not gone. It will never be gone. That’s ok.

The last few nights/early mornings, anxiety has been bounding around in my brain like a kid on a sugar high. Hi! Hi! Can we think about this thing from five years ago? No wait, actually I want to think about this thing from 13 years ago that involved totally different people NO WAIT I want to think … Continue reading It’s not gone. It will never be gone. That’s ok.