Weekly roundup 4.30.17

Y'all. Can you believe that tomorrow In honor of the fact that we are┬áthismuch closer to summer break, here are some rad things that have been entertaining me: @goats_gone_grazing_acres, THE BEST instagram if you love goats. This puppy in his duck pajamas. This magic cube, which could be a nice fidget toy And this baby … Continue reading Weekly roundup 4.30.17


An update on where I’ve been

Hi! Long time no post. Things have been kind of crazy around here, including but not limited to: a lovely stomach issue, my yearly evaluation at work(well hello, stress!), 85 3-page final papers to grade, 85 25-page writing books to copy and bind, and, you know, life. I promise a weekly roundup tomorrow (trust me, … Continue reading An update on where I’ve been

Weekly Roundup 4.16.17

I've been on spring break for a week, and it has been GLORIOUS. Spring is here, there's so much sunshine, I get to be outside all the time, I've seen a lot of friends I was neglecting and got to hang out with my nephew and sister. It's been ­čĺ». Here are some of the … Continue reading Weekly Roundup 4.16.17

Making and using a weighted blanket

Guys! I made my weighted blanket! Isn't she gorgeous? A weighted blanket is exactly what it sounds like. It's┬áa blanket sewn into a grid and in each square of the grid is some kind of weight, usually plastic pellets(natural stuff like corn and rice works, but can rot and isn't washable). You snuggle up under … Continue reading Making and using a weighted blanket

Weekly Roundup 4.2.17

Can we just talk about how maybe,┬ájust maybe, spring is here? I mean: sun. My feet aren't cold if I wear sneakers. I don't have to wear my winter coat to stay warm. YES. Here are other things I'm loving: This girl who thinks a water heater is a robot. Donate a year of school … Continue reading Weekly Roundup 4.2.17