The stigma of mental health

One of the things that I struggle with a lot is the stigma around mental illness. It is deep-seated, pervasive, and embedded in our society and our language in a thousand different tiny ways. For instance, we say all the time that somethings is "crazy" or "nuts". Or we call people "spaz". Or says we're depressed … Continue reading The stigma of mental health


Identifying with anxiety

Ok. It's official. I'm in love with Headspace. There are a bunch of really wonderful things about it, but there are two that really help me address the two biggest issues I have with anxiety. First, Andy, the founder of Headspace, is clearly a conscientious person who understands how anxiety works. In the anxiety pack of … Continue reading Identifying with anxiety

Yoga to the anxious people

It's taken me a really long time to find a yoga routine that works for me, and it's still hard for me to fully commit to it. Because, honestly, working with teenagers all day is exhausting and even though I know I'll feel really good after I practice, it's really hard to want to change into … Continue reading Yoga to the anxious people

Anxiety is a partnership

Lately I've been doing the Anxiety pack of meditations on Headspace, and something has clicked for me. It's not about making the anxiety feel consistent: a panic attack always feels this way, small anxieties always feel that way. Because it's not going to be like that. While there are commonalities - tingling and expansion in … Continue reading Anxiety is a partnership

When you least expect it

One of the things I'm slowly learning about my anxiety is what triggers it and when to expect it. For instance, there's usually some anxiety around some kind of confrontation or confession, and there is always some around traveling. My therapist also thinks (and I agree) that I'm more susceptible when I haven't been doing … Continue reading When you least expect it

Anxiety check list

One of the things I'm really struggling with is remembering - while I'm in the middle of a storm of anxiety - that I actually know a lot of things that I should be doing. It's so hard to move past that initial self-talk of this is horrible I hate this this needs to stop and … Continue reading Anxiety check list