Ok, so a while ago I did a post about some tools that have helped me manage my anxiety. And now, I want to write about the gear that makes those tools possible. I know that seems kind of silly, but living with the dude has given me a new appreciation of good, functional design. … Continue reading Gear


The Five Love Languages

I just finished reading The Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman, which was recommended to me by my spirit twin. A few years ago, I would have resisted something so seemingly self-helpy. I didn't need that. I was doing fine. But you know what? Self help shit is kind of awesome. Granted, there is some weirdness out … Continue reading The Five Love Languages

The Daring Way

A couple of days ago I got a package from my mom, who had packed up some of my grandma's cross stitch thread and sent it to me. Sure enough, when I opened it, I found embroidery floss tucked into little protectors in plastic sleeves that I could put in a binder, as expected. What I … Continue reading The Daring Way

Rationalizing inertia

As I've written about before, when it's been a while since an intense anxiety day I tend to get complacent. I forget that I'm not experiencing much anxiety because I'm working on managing it. I forget that I need to take an active role in preempting it. I begin to tell myself that it's ok … Continue reading Rationalizing inertia

The stigma of mental health

One of the things that I struggle with a lot is the stigma around mental illness. It is deep-seated, pervasive, and embedded in our society and our language in a thousand different tiny ways. For instance, we say all the time that somethings is "crazy" or "nuts". Or we call people "spaz". Or says we're depressed … Continue reading The stigma of mental health

Identifying with anxiety

Ok. It's official. I'm in love with Headspace. There are a bunch of really wonderful things about it, but there are two that really help me address the two biggest issues I have with anxiety. First, Andy, the founder of Headspace, is clearly a conscientious person who understands how anxiety works. In the anxiety pack of … Continue reading Identifying with anxiety

Yoga to the anxious people

It's taken me a really long time to find a yoga routine that works for me, and it's still hard for me to fully commit to it. Because, honestly, working with teenagers all day is exhausting and even though I know I'll feel really good after I practice, it's really hard to want to change into … Continue reading Yoga to the anxious people