Words, words, words

I've been thinking a lot about the dude's interview, specifically his comment about how when people have experienced some situational anxiety or apprehension, it's easy for them to think they know what it's like to live with an anxiety disorder. I've been lucky in that most of the people I've told about my experience haven't expressed … Continue reading Words, words, words

Days like this

Oof. Today was the worst day I've had in a long while. It wasn't one of those ramped up, scared, fight or flight days. It was a sad and overwhelmed day, which I guess I don't write about much. I felt pretty ok this morning, but as the dude and I were getting ready to … Continue reading Days like this

It’s not gone. It will never be gone. That’s ok.

The last few nights/early mornings, anxiety has been bounding around in my brain like a kid on a sugar high. Hi! Hi! Can we think about this thing from five years ago? No wait, actually I want to think about this thing from 13 years ago that involved totally different people NO WAIT I want to think … Continue reading It’s not gone. It will never be gone. That’s ok.

Profile of a fellow anxiety sufferer

Today we're doing something a little bit different. While this blog will still mostly focus on my experiences with anxiety, I'm going to start interviewing other people who deal with anxiety and posting it here every so often. Partly this is because my experience isn't universal, and there are definitely things about me or my … Continue reading Profile of a fellow anxiety sufferer

Anatomy of a panic attack

There is a subtle but important difference between the triggers and underlying causes of anxiety, and sometimes it can be hard to recognize this difference without help. Triggers are usually small, specific instances that put you on alert. Underlying causes are more about why you're feeling the anxiety - what you're actually thinking about. Clues to these can often … Continue reading Anatomy of a panic attack

Some awesome stuff that’s been on the interwebs

Most of these are from the Huffington Post because, let's face it, Huffpo is kicking ass on the mental health front. Michelle Obama, the queen (sorry Beyonce): Let's Change the Conversation Around Mental Health Humans of New York: Anxiety photo The Huffington Post: When is it OK to Claim You're Having a Panic Attack? Some … Continue reading Some awesome stuff that’s been on the interwebs

Highly Sensitive People

I took the week off yoga last week, and boy was that an eye opener. I've known for a long time that yoga helps to manage the anxiety and panic attacks, and this year when school started I tried to really commit to a regular yoga schedule. Last week I thought I was getting sick … Continue reading Highly Sensitive People

The Daring Way

A couple of days ago I got a package from my mom, who had packed up some of my grandma's cross stitch thread and sent it to me. Sure enough, when I opened it, I found embroidery floss tucked into little protectors in plastic sleeves that I could put in a binder, as expected. What I … Continue reading The Daring Way

When you least expect it

One of the things I'm slowly learning about my anxiety is what triggers it and when to expect it. For instance, there's usually some anxiety around some kind of confrontation or confession, and there is always some around traveling. My therapist also thinks (and I agree) that I'm more susceptible when I haven't been doing … Continue reading When you least expect it