Three things I’m ruminating about

I don't know about y'all, but when I'm anxious, I'm not sleeping well. And when I'm not sleeping well, I get more anxious. This cycle SUCKS. I've been living in it off and on for the past few weeks and there is definitely a big part of it that's my own fault. Minute to minute, … Continue reading Three things I’m ruminating about

On saying yes

I mentioned before that saying yes can often be really hard for me. Even after working for years at a summer camp where that was part of my job requirement(seriously), I still struggle with it. Sometimes it can be incredibly difficult to give up even a little bit of control, and this can be especially … Continue reading On saying yes

Lenny, or: my relationship with anxiety

As you guys know, I've been struggling with anxiety for decades now. In the course of my journey with anxiety, I think pretty much every verb under the sun could have been used to describe my relationship to it. At one time or another, I have interacted with anxiety in the following ways(this is by … Continue reading Lenny, or: my relationship with anxiety

An Update!

Friends. Hello. It has been ages, and I'm sorry. It's been crazy go nuts up in here. To everyone who's been reading for a while, hang tight. I promise you I'll have some breathing room soon and be able to write to my little heart's content. To everyone who has just started reading recently, this … Continue reading An Update!

Why appearance is important for people with anxiety

At least, it is for me. I definitely don't speak for everyone. We are not all the same. But here's the thing: it's not actually about how I look. Yes, I like to look nice and I care about that. I have never shown up to work - of any kind, even breaking down a … Continue reading Why appearance is important for people with anxiety

Time is out of joint

Hello friends. It has been a┬ávery long time. Thank you for waiting, for checking back, for reading this. As you may or may not know, teaching has a new element for me this year: I'm teaching AP Psychology. And it. is. so. hard. There are some really amazing things: I'm learning so much, and it's … Continue reading Time is out of joint

How anxiety makes me second-guess my emotions

Recently I've had a couple of experiences where I've been feeling things way more strongly than I usually do. Some of this is in my personal life, some not. Some things shifted at work, and even though my work husband did me a solid and gave me a heads up about it before they announced … Continue reading How anxiety makes me second-guess my emotions