Three things I’m ruminating about

I don't know about y'all, but when I'm anxious, I'm not sleeping well. And when I'm not sleeping well, I get more anxious. This cycle SUCKS. I've been living in it off and on for the past few weeks and there is definitely a big part of it that's my own fault. Minute to minute, … Continue reading Three things I’m ruminating about

On saying yes

I mentioned before that saying yes can often be really hard for me. Even after working for years at a summer camp where that was part of my job requirement(seriously), I still struggle with it. Sometimes it can be incredibly difficult to give up even a little bit of control, and this can be especially … Continue reading On saying yes

Lenny, or: my relationship with anxiety

As you guys know, I've been struggling with anxiety for decades now. In the course of my journey with anxiety, I think pretty much every verb under the sun could have been used to describe my relationship to it. At one time or another, I have interacted with anxiety in the following ways(this is by … Continue reading Lenny, or: my relationship with anxiety

An Update!

Friends. Hello. It has been ages, and I'm sorry. It's been crazy go nuts up in here. To everyone who's been reading for a while, hang tight. I promise you I'll have some breathing room soon and be able to write to my little heart's content. To everyone who has just started reading recently, this … Continue reading An Update!

Why appearance is important for people with anxiety

At least, it is for me. I definitely don't speak for everyone. We are not all the same. But here's the thing: it's not actually about how I look. Yes, I like to look nice and I care about that. I have never shown up to work - of any kind, even breaking down a … Continue reading Why appearance is important for people with anxiety

Time is out of joint

Hello friends. It has been a┬ávery long time. Thank you for waiting, for checking back, for reading this. As you may or may not know, teaching has a new element for me this year: I'm teaching AP Psychology. And it. is. so. hard. There are some really amazing things: I'm learning so much, and it's … Continue reading Time is out of joint

How anxiety makes me second-guess my emotions

Recently I've had a couple of experiences where I've been feeling things way more strongly than I usually do. Some of this is in my personal life, some not. Some things shifted at work, and even though my work husband did me a solid and gave me a heads up about it before they announced … Continue reading How anxiety makes me second-guess my emotions

Weekly Roundup 3.12.17

Guys. It's about to get real hectic in my life. I've got like five different ideas for posts, but no time to write them considering that my students have a huge project due on Tuesday and I have to grade them basically the second they hand them in. To help me avoid thinking about the … Continue reading Weekly Roundup 3.12.17

The Collective: Essential Style Rules for the Anxious

Guys! Check out my thoughts on how anxiety and fashion intertwine in my new post for the Tabii Just Collective.

The Usual and A Personal First

This time of year at work is particularly tough. Not anything big so that you can point to one instance, but everybody's just┬átired. The students are tired, the teachers are tired, and we all sorely need the mental break that comes with the beginning of the spring semester. It's like a reset button; suddenly, it's … Continue reading The Usual and A Personal First