Change of Time

HIIIIII. I'm doing poorly at posting as often as I usually do. I'm sorry about that. There's a lot happening. First up, as I've mentioned, the new school year has been pretty good. But stressful. I feel like I've been playing catch-up since we started, and though I know that won't always be the case, … Continue reading Change of Time

Getting out from under

I've written before about my love/hate relationship with anxiety: I love that it keeps me organized and conscientious of others and that it's heightened my sense of empathy. I hate that it makes me feel nauseous, that I can't always enjoy important moments, and that it makes some really simple things really difficult. My biggest … Continue reading Getting out from under

Rewards for the faithful

I'm back! I haven't been very committed to writing here lately, and for that, I apologize. Part of it is adjusting to my new schedule at work, part of it is that the dude and I have both been sick and thus my energy has been lacking, and part of it is that, to be honest, … Continue reading Rewards for the faithful