Anxiety in the time of coronavirus

Hi all. How's everyone doing? This is certainly something. I feel like my world is both exactly the same and completely turned upside down. I'm still walking the dog, still having coffee on the couch in the morning, still cross stitching most evenings. But I'm not getting up at 6:00am for school anymore and I've … Continue reading Anxiety in the time of coronavirus

The unexpected ways anxiety shows up in family planning

Before I start, I want to say that I checked with the dude about writing about this topic and would not have done so if he wasn't ok with it. And there are definitely things I won't be talking about because of privacy. I'd also like to say upfront that I'm pretty blunt here about … Continue reading The unexpected ways anxiety shows up in family planning

CBD and me

Let me just start by saying that I get that there's not a ton of research out there on CBD, and that products aren't regulated. I get that I'm taking a risk if I use it. And I promise that I won't use it when there's eventually a little one growing in my belly. Let's … Continue reading CBD and me

Data mining, anxiety-style

As some of you know, I've been tracking some personal data for a few years now. I do this because it helps me detect patterns with anxiety and potential triggers and also keep on top of other symptoms like headaches. I usually do this on paper because I also keep a gratitude journal, and this … Continue reading Data mining, anxiety-style

Expectations of an Anxious Bride

Well, friends, I'm a married lady now and it's pretty awesome. Anyone who has had any part in planning, being in, or doing behind-the-scenes stuff for a wedding will tell you how stressful and consuming it is, and because of that I honestly expected that I'd be a mess on my wedding day. I was … Continue reading Expectations of an Anxious Bride

I do! Or, my pre-wedding anxiety experience

Well, friends, it's less than a week until my wedding. Hooray! I find that I'm not ruminating about it for the most part (yay!), and then every once in a while I'll have a moment where I'm like and then I realize what's about to happen. It's kind of surreal. This has been a huge … Continue reading I do! Or, my pre-wedding anxiety experience

Three things I’m ruminating about

I don't know about y'all, but when I'm anxious, I'm not sleeping well. And when I'm not sleeping well, I get more anxious. This cycle SUCKS. I've been living in it off and on for the past few weeks and there is definitely a big part of it that's my own fault. Minute to minute, … Continue reading Three things I’m ruminating about