Self-care tips

Before we dive into the actual tips part, I feel like I should probably give you a run-down of my self-care history (spoiler alert, it's not great). My parents got divorced when I was really young, and I have no memory of them as a couple. It's weird to me when they're in the same … Continue reading Self-care tips

Weekly Roundup 3.26.17

I'm in the middle of making my weighted blanket (post coming soon!), but I took a break to stuff my face with Chipotle, watch an episode of The Mindy Project and share these awesome things with you: This baby otter trying to find a comfortable sleeping position, which is basically my every night. This video about … Continue reading Weekly Roundup 3.26.17

Weekly Roundup 2.12.17

Some things: This meltdown guide, which is THE BEST simple and clear advice on how to be the partner of someone with anxiety, panic attacks, and/or depression(and is also generally a good guide for being a partner/human). The Wikipedia article on Nellie Bly, who exposed the awful treatment of asylum patients in 1887 and changed … Continue reading Weekly Roundup 2.12.17

Characters dealing with mental health

Lately I've read a string of books where the main character is dealing with some sort of mental illness. I didn't do it on purpose; some of them I knew dealt with mental health issues, some not. Regardless, I'm kind of loving that there are so many books out there talking about it. What's even … Continue reading Characters dealing with mental health

Weekly Roundup 12.11.16

Heeeeeeey, I'm late posting this. Here's some cool stuff to make up for it: This kick-ass soup that I want to eat forever and ever. My first ever adult Christmas tree(read: taller than 1 ft) with this amazing Ron Swanson ornament. This article about reading, 'cause I read all the time.

You do you, buddy.

As we're wound down our work together, my therapist and I talked about this whole process and what it's been like(separate post on ending therapy is forthcoming). She brought up the fact that I've been very proactive about it, calling my approach to anxiety "methodical". I started laughing when she said that because yes, I absolutely … Continue reading You do you, buddy.

Pilgrim’s progress

When I was younger, I absolutely loved Little Women. As in, read it more than once a year, felt Jo's anger and sadness every time Amy burned her book, cried every time Beth died, felt joy every time one of the sisters found their partner. It remains to this day one of my favorites. I remember … Continue reading Pilgrim’s progress

Highly Sensitive People

I took the week off yoga last week, and boy was that an eye opener. I've known for a long time that yoga helps to manage the anxiety and panic attacks, and this year when school started I tried to really commit to a regular yoga schedule. Last week I thought I was getting sick … Continue reading Highly Sensitive People

The Five Love Languages

I just finished reading The Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman, which was recommended to me by my spirit twin. A few years ago, I would have resisted something so seemingly self-helpy. I didn't need that. I was doing fine. But you know what? Self help shit is kind of awesome. Granted, there is some weirdness out … Continue reading The Five Love Languages

Tools that have helped me

First, let me say that I am still very much in the process of figuring my anxiety out and finding the best tools to manage it. I've discovered some things, but I'm still working on the deeper issues and that will continue to take some time. That being said, I think it's important to share … Continue reading Tools that have helped me