Anxiety in the time of coronavirus

Hi all. How's everyone doing? This is certainly something. I feel like my world is both exactly the same and completely turned upside down. I'm still walking the dog, still having coffee on the couch in the morning, still cross stitching most evenings. But I'm not getting up at 6:00am for school anymore and I've … Continue reading Anxiety in the time of coronavirus

CBD and me

Let me just start by saying that I get that there's not a ton of research out there on CBD, and that products aren't regulated. I get that I'm taking a risk if I use it. And I promise that I won't use it when there's eventually a little one growing in my belly. Let's … Continue reading CBD and me

Sometimes it just is what it is; or, Lenny’s back!

Anxiety has been whirring in the background since I went back to school, and it's been especially tough since the dad passed away. It's the normal stuff: I can fall asleep but can't really stay asleep past 2am, headaches, tight chest when I wake up, the works. Usually by the time I'm done getting ready … Continue reading Sometimes it just is what it is; or, Lenny’s back!

Weighted Blankets, pt. 2

A couple of years back, I made my own weighted blanket to help with anxiety and the poor sleep that can accompany it. I love it; I love the fabric I picked, it was a fun project with lots of "help" from the dog, and it always helps me stay asleep when I'm having a … Continue reading Weighted Blankets, pt. 2

Time is out of joint

Hello friends. It has been a very long time. Thank you for waiting, for checking back, for reading this. As you may or may not know, teaching has a new element for me this year: I'm teaching AP Psychology. And it. is. so. hard. There are some really amazing things: I'm learning so much, and it's … Continue reading Time is out of joint

Can I Just Get a Minute?

Oh, guys. Never have I ever had a lesson in how the accumulation of small things can just derail you like I did last week. The anxiety was (thankfully) gone for the first part of the week. It was really nice to be able to breathe without feeling like my lungs were going to tear … Continue reading Can I Just Get a Minute?

When anxiety means trusting the thing that makes you anxious

Sometimes I just cannot figure my brain out. Most times when anxiety rears its head these days, I'm like oh, you, breathe for a bit, and then I'm good. But sometimes it seems like I can do all of the things I know to do, things that usually work, and still the anxiety is like    … Continue reading When anxiety means trusting the thing that makes you anxious