What I’ve learned from Lenny

We're nearing the end of the school year, and I've got to be honest: I am SO ready. I've been ready since November. This year has been incredibly difficult, and while I'm proud of myself for managing anxiety throughout, I'm ready for a break. This shit is hard, guys, and I'm working really hard to … Continue reading What I’ve learned from Lenny

Weekly Roundup 5.28.17

Weekly roundup is back! Sorry I haven't done it lately - some friends got married, there's a lot happening at school, etc, etc. But here we go! This article about why bad moods are good for you This dog and baby playing because nothing is better than baby screeches This dachshund who wants all of … Continue reading Weekly Roundup 5.28.17

Weekly roundup 4.30.17

Y'all. Can you believe that tomorrow In honor of the fact that we are┬áthismuch closer to summer break, here are some rad things that have been entertaining me: @goats_gone_grazing_acres, THE BEST instagram if you love goats. This puppy in his duck pajamas. This magic cube, which could be a nice fidget toy And this baby … Continue reading Weekly roundup 4.30.17

Weekly Roundup 4.16.17

I've been on spring break for a week, and it has been GLORIOUS. Spring is here, there's so much sunshine, I get to be outside all the time, I've seen a lot of friends I was neglecting and got to hang out with my nephew and sister. It's been ­čĺ». Here are some of the … Continue reading Weekly Roundup 4.16.17

Weekly Roundup 4.2.17

Can we just talk about how maybe,┬ájust maybe, spring is here? I mean: sun. My feet aren't cold if I wear sneakers. I don't have to wear my winter coat to stay warm. YES. Here are other things I'm loving: This girl who thinks a water heater is a robot. Donate a year of school … Continue reading Weekly Roundup 4.2.17

Weekly Roundup 3.26.17

I'm in the middle of making my weighted blanket (post coming soon!), but I took a break to stuff my face with Chipotle, watch an episode of┬áThe Mindy Project and share these awesome things with you: This baby otter trying to find a comfortable sleeping position, which is basically my every night. This video about … Continue reading Weekly Roundup 3.26.17

Weekly Roundup 3.19.17

How is it past the halfway point of March already?! This is - wait for it - madness. (I'm sorry. I had to.) This week, a special collection of adorable animals and other ephemera. This baby otter. These happy goats. This dog, who is just sliding down a mountain, living his best life. And this … Continue reading Weekly Roundup 3.19.17

Weekly Roundup 3.12.17

Guys. It's about to get real hectic in my life. I've got like five different ideas for posts, but no time to write them considering that my students have a huge project due on Tuesday and I have to grade them basically the second they hand them in. To help me avoid thinking about the … Continue reading Weekly Roundup 3.12.17

Weekly Roundup 3.5.17

Weekly roundup is back! Check out: This listicle about things people do because of their depression. These photos showing the public and private sides of people (ok, they happen to be celebrities but let's ignore that because I'm not into celebrity culture). These dogs, who are BFFs, and one helps the other with his anxiety. … Continue reading Weekly Roundup 3.5.17

Weekly Roundup 2.12.17

Some things: This meltdown guide, which is THE BEST simple and clear advice on how to be the partner of someone with anxiety, panic attacks, and/or depression(and is also generally a good guide for being a partner/human). The Wikipedia article on Nellie Bly, who exposed the awful treatment of asylum patients in 1887 and changed … Continue reading Weekly Roundup 2.12.17