More on anxiety while traveling

So, I write about travel anxiety a lot, and I keep coming back to it because I'm honestly crap at making time for self-care while I'm traveling. Seriously. I've totally got my routine down when I'm home, but while I'm traveling I find it so hard to separate myself from my family or what I'm doing … Continue reading More on anxiety while traveling


I mean, Adele really says it all. Seriously though. I've been on a major (unintended) hiatus, and for anyone wanting me to hurry up and write some damn posts already, my sincerest apologies. Boy, did I need this summer. The end of the school year was a little rough, and I really, really needed a … Continue reading Hello

Weekly Roundup 1.15.17

Since I'll be spending the majority of my day lesson planning (hey, Hamlet), here are some fun things for you to look at that I may or may not be using to procrastinate. This study on using apps to help with mental health. This list of rad, dapper women who make looking at Instagram awesome. Our … Continue reading Weekly Roundup 1.15.17

How to manage holiday anxiety

Every couple of years, my dad and step-mom get all of their progeny together for Thanksgiving. The first time, we stayed in Tahoe and I remember taking a really long and wonderful walk with my step-mom and sitting in the hot tub under the stars with my niece. The second time, we were in Santa … Continue reading How to manage holiday anxiety

Home sweet apartment

It's good to be home. We got in late Saturday night, and it felt so good to be in my own bed. I definitely felt any anxiety that was left melting away. And getting on the mat the next day? FORGETABOUTIT. The. Best. I don't think I've ever been so happy to do yoga. It … Continue reading Home sweet apartment

Going to California

We've been in San Francisco for a couple of days, and there are some things I've noticed about how anxiety functions when I travel. Sleep matters more than normal. The bed in our room is shoved up against the corner(which is on my side) and the room is only a foot wider than the bed … Continue reading Going to California

And we’re back!

Can we just talk about how awesome vacation is? I feel like this is a thing that people know - and that I guess I kind of know, too - but it has been a really long time since I've had a vacation that wasn't overshadowed by anxiety. Even with my family, there's always some … Continue reading And we’re back!

Trip day 4

Just a quick update: we made it to the dude's parents' house last night. When I walked into that bathroom to get ready for bed, I felt - for what I think is the first time - how truly different I am from when I was here two years ago. Of course, it helps that … Continue reading Trip day 4

Trip day 2

We got to Raleigh late last night, and went straight to bed. I don't think I woke up once during the night. But this morning, well, anxiety had other ideas. It woke me up with a jolt and an immediate feeling like I was about to unravel. The thing about anxiety is that it makes … Continue reading Trip day 2

Trip day: departure

GUYS. GUYS. GUYS. I FEEL NORMAL. Seriously. Not even any tightness in the chest or feeling on alert, which are typically the symptoms that stick around longest. Ok, so, here's my morning so far: 6:55 am: wake up with some pretty intense tightness in the chest and a very strong feeling of being on alert. I … Continue reading Trip day: departure