Finding a vocabulary for anxiety

When anxiety first started to get really bad for me in 2014, I struggled with finding the words to describe what was happening to me. How was I supposed to explain the complete batshit craziness of what was happening? How was I supposed to explain that I was terrified for no reason? That I was … Continue reading Finding a vocabulary for anxiety

Teenagers are pretty awesome.

HI GUYS. It's been a while. Forgive me. I'm been in school mode and it's been hectic and tiring and I feel like I don't quite have enough time for everything. Yet. It's also been pretty great, though, in more ways than one. Not only do I have a couple of students who have advocated … Continue reading Teenagers are pretty awesome.

Words, words, words

I've been thinking a lot about the dude's interview, specifically his comment about how when people have experienced some situational anxiety or apprehension, it's easy for them to think they know what it's like to live with an anxiety disorder. I've been lucky in that most of the people I've told about my experience haven't expressed … Continue reading Words, words, words

Awesome things roundup

Courtesy of my excellent partner and step-mom, here are three rad articles about anxiety that you should definitely check out. The two big beliefs linked to anxiety Red Sox's Brian Johnson on his journey with anxiety Learning to love my anxiety   Coming up here: my strength training workout, what it's like to be the … Continue reading Awesome things roundup

Profile of a fellow anxiety sufferer

Today we're doing something a little bit different. While this blog will still mostly focus on my experiences with anxiety, I'm going to start interviewing other people who deal with anxiety and posting it here every so often. Partly this is because my experience isn't universal, and there are definitely things about me or my … Continue reading Profile of a fellow anxiety sufferer

How The Atlantic totally got anxiety management wrong

I've been super excited lately about how often well-known folks like Kristen Bell and others are being forthright and straightforward about their struggles with mental health. That is so freaking awesome. I love that we live in a world where people talking about being vulnerable, where people admit that they don't actually have their shit together all … Continue reading How The Atlantic totally got anxiety management wrong

Working while anxious

One of the biggest struggles I've had with this whole anxiety thing is figuring out how to handle it at work. While this is tough for everyone, my job as a teacher has some very specific challenges that make dealing with anxiety really difficult. It's my responsibility to manage and guide the behavior or 30-some … Continue reading Working while anxious

Stigma, rape culture, and the stanford swimmer

I know this is a departure from an anxiety-focused entry, but I've been finding myself ruminating about this for the past few days and it's just too important not to talk about. There are some tie-ins to mental health issues like stigma and trauma, but I feel like I need to warn you if you're sensitive … Continue reading Stigma, rape culture, and the stanford swimmer

Entitled to my emotions: unbreakable kimmy schmidt and its beautiful handling of mental health

Out of all of the things I have read and watched in the last few years that address mental health, there are two things that I feel handle it in a way that showcases the struggle and breaks down the stigma of seeking help. The first is Chris Traeger's journey on Parks and Recreation. I love … Continue reading Entitled to my emotions: unbreakable kimmy schmidt and its beautiful handling of mental health

In defense of John Mayer’s music

UPDATE: I would just like to point out that I have a MAJOR bone to pick with John Mayer over his past comments about the women he's dated. People are complicated and he's one of those people that is simultaneously incredibly deep and observant and also totally tone deaf and problematic. I dislike cancel culture … Continue reading In defense of John Mayer’s music