Why appearance is important for people with anxiety

At least, it is for me. I definitely don't speak for everyone. We are not all the same. But here's the thing: it's not actually about how I look. Yes, I like to look nice and I care about that. I have never shown up to work - of any kind, even breaking down a … Continue reading Why appearance is important for people with anxiety


What no one tells you when they tell you they have anxiety.

Or: when you're diagnosed with anxiety. I know that when my therapist and I first talked about the diagnosis, we talked only about the symptoms I was dealing with at the time. We didn't talk about others that were possible, or likely, or what might trigger them, mostly because we were so focused on what … Continue reading What no one tells you when they tell you they have anxiety.

Why Yoga is the Best Anxiety Management (For Me)

Last year, the dude's friend K invited me to an outdoor yoga class that's right by my apartment. I had just gotten Down Dog and started trying to practice more regularly and for longer than 30 minutes. Because we travelled a lot that summer and I didn't have much endurance built up for an hour-long … Continue reading Why Yoga is the Best Anxiety Management (For Me)

Self-care tips

Before we dive into the actual tips part, I feel like I should probably give you a run-down of my self-care history (spoiler alert, it's not great). My parents got divorced when I was really young, and I have no memory of them as a couple. It's weird to me when they're in the same … Continue reading Self-care tips

Weekly Roundup 5.28.17

Weekly roundup is back! Sorry I haven't done it lately - some friends got married, there's a lot happening at school, etc, etc. But here we go! This article about why bad moods are good for you This dog and baby playing because nothing is better than baby screeches This dachshund who wants all of … Continue reading Weekly Roundup 5.28.17

Awesome things roundup

Courtesy of my excellent partner and step-mom, here are three rad articles about anxiety that you should definitely check out. The two big beliefs linked to anxiety Red Sox's Brian Johnson on his journey with anxiety Learning to love my anxiety   Coming up here: my strength training workout, what it's like to be the … Continue reading Awesome things roundup

More awesome internet things

These both come to you courtesy of the dude, who, amazing partner that he is, keeps an eye out for interesting anxiety-related stuff and passes it on to me(which is great, considering that most of the articles I read come from the Huffington post). How I got so lucky as to have a partner like … Continue reading More awesome internet things