To ruminate or not to ruminate; that is the question

Well, guys, I officially live in Brooklyn now and it. is. the. best. Seriously, let me just break this down for you. Our new place is a big step up in terms of niceness: the fixtures are gorgeous, there's way more closet space, the design is really open, there's a washer/dryer in the apartment, we're up … Continue reading To ruminate or not to ruminate; that is the question

On going back to therapy

You know how you can have this picture of something in your head and when you get there it is that but also it's not and somehow you feel inordinately disappointed? That's me right now. I was really looking forward to this summer being super chill, and instead I'm wrestling with a lot of things … Continue reading On going back to therapy

What no one tells you when they tell you they have anxiety.

Or: when you're diagnosed with anxiety. I know that when my therapist and I first talked about the diagnosis, we talked only about the symptoms I was dealing with at the time. We didn't talk about others that were possible, or likely, or what might trigger them, mostly because we were so focused on what … Continue reading What no one tells you when they tell you they have anxiety.

Working while anxious

One of the biggest struggles I've had with this whole anxiety thing is figuring out how to handle it at work. While this is tough for everyone, my job as a teacher has some very specific challenges that make dealing with anxiety really difficult. It's my responsibility to manage and guide the behavior or 30-some … Continue reading Working while anxious

Ending therapy

I had my last session of therapy on Thursday, and it was... awesome. We spent a lot of the time talking about what the process was like, what I've learned, and what worked and didn't work. We ended the session with a hug, and then I left. I thought that I'd be scared to end, … Continue reading Ending therapy

You do you, buddy.

As we're wound down our work together, my therapist and I talked about this whole process and what it's been like(separate post on ending therapy is forthcoming). She brought up the fact that I've been very proactive about it, calling my approach to anxiety "methodical". I started laughing when she said that because yes, I absolutely … Continue reading You do you, buddy.

The end, the beginning

So, I have kind of a big announcement. Next week is my last therapy session. It is crazy to me that this is where I am. For so long, especially when I first started, I didn't see myself ever stopping. Therapy is just so awesome; I've never experienced anything like it and it was helpful … Continue reading The end, the beginning