On gratitude

I’ve spent a lot of time here recently talking about the work that I’ve done to manage my anxiety, and while I think that’s important, I think it’s also really important to acknowledge that I did not get here alone. So, please indulge me while I take a minute (or many) to say thank you to some very wonderful people.

To all of my friends: KC folks, BR folks, Orange, V, NYU people. You guys are amazing. Thank you for reading this and for quietly supporting me in my journey. Thank you for not ever, EVER, making me feel guilty for not seeing you as much as I used to. Thank you for asking how I’m doing without pity, and with empathy. Thank you for understanding when I withdrew from much of what we used to do together, and for being patient with me as I slowly reenter our world.

To the bird and the brother for making me feel so welcome and at home when it was difficult for me to even feel like myself. And particularly to the bird, because you just get it. You inspire me to stay committed to yoga and meditation, and you also are just generally a wonderful example of how to deal with things like this with grace. I am so grateful for our friendship and for you. You make me feel understood, and I know I don’t have to tell you how invaluable that is.

To my extended family, for reaching out with such kind words. You guys are the best step-brothers/cousins/aunts/uncles ever. Thank you.

To my parents, for being willing to open up and share their own journeys with me. This process has given me so many opportunities to lean on you, to learn from you, and to share with you, and I am so, so grateful that you are and have always been there. I feel incredibly fortunate to have such compassionate, supportive folks.

To my sister, who is literally my lifeline. You have always been my friend, my confidante, my rock, and I will never, ever be able to thank you enough for all that you do for me. Our daily texts, our inside jokes, and your unfailing support mean more to me than I can tell you. Your forthcoming tiny human is so lucky to have you as a parent.

And to the dude (‘scuse me while I get mushy, guys). Thank you for your encouragement, your willingness to do the work, your dependability, and your humor. You make me feel like I belong – really belong – for the first time. I love the life we’ve built together, and I promise to keep building it every day.

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