Down Dog

For those of you who have been following this for a while (or are new! Hey! Welcome!), you know how important yoga is to me. I’ve shared some of the music I listen to while I practice and in the near future will be posting sequences specifically geared to anxiety. I’ve haven’t been as on top of the yoga since we moved because I’ve been lifting weights and, frankly, doing yoga on my own was kind of boring because I just kept doing the same poses. For a while now I’ve been looking for an app so that I can switch it up and not just be doing the same sequence of moves every time. I find it really hard to incorporate new poses into my typical routine because the remembering means I can’t really be immersed in the practice the way I like to be. I’m also really really particular about the music I listen to; I can’t stand that new-agey gong tonal crap. No. Give me hip-hop, techno, even Justin Bieber is better than that stuff (seriously, though, “What Do You Mean”, “Where Are You Now”, and “Sorry” are my new yoga obsessions. Not ashamed to admit that the Biebs is perfect for the mat).

And after A LOT of trial and error, I’ve found an app that does the trick. Down Dog is the best. It has tons of options (type of practice, music, length of practice). I’m really enjoying the mindlessness of following a teacher and not having to remember what comes next. Down Dog never gives you the same sequence twice, which is awesome not only for your body, but for your mind, too. Each session on the mat is somehow both new and familiar, which is exactly what I want from my workouts.


This is especially awesome because our gym is closed for upgrades (please Cthulhu let there be more than one stationary bike when they reopen), and I really want something more intense than my normal flow on the days when I’m usually weightlifting and doing HIIT.

I cannot recommend this app enough. Seriously. Go download it right now and try it. It has all the best things.

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