All apologies

I owe you guys a big apology. I’ve been doing a horrible job of posting lately.

To be honest, I’m in some pretty intense denial that I have to go back to school a week from tomorrow. As excited as I am for my Hunger Games-themed classroom decorations, I haven’t gotten my head around all of the things that going back to school means: way less time with the dude, the dog, and my family, trying to learn 120 new names as quickly as possible, teenage girls in general, etc etc etc. I love my job. But this summer is maybe the first time ever that I’ve been largely free from both work and anxiety, and it’s been amazing.

There are some great things about going back to work: I get to see my work husband every day (what up, Gator), I’ll be on a more regular schedule, feel more productive, and going back to work means that our upcoming trips (Nashville for a wedding and Ojai for family Thanksgiving), are getting closer. And I’m excited for all of that.

But damn if I haven’t loved sitting on my couch, reading, cross stitching, and doing a ton of yoga. I’m just not quite ready to give that up, and so everything that even has a whiff of responsibility is really far down on the list.

Later in the week I’ll be prepping for school and I know that I’ll have lots of thoughts and feelings, and I promise I’ll write about them. For now, thanks for understanding that I want to savor the last bit of freedom I have.

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