Hit the ground running

We’ve officially finished the first week of school!

I’m exhausted. All the teachers out there know what I’m talking about; on Thursday I was so tired that I couldn’t even take the dog for a walk, and on Friday when I went to bed I got about 2 pages into my book before I fell asleep. The dude came in to snuggle and apparently asked me something, but I only woke up when he started quietly laughing because I was asleep with my glasses still on and my kindle propped up on my chest.

I’m not going to write much because I’ve gotta do all of that beginning of the year teacher stuff(setting up the messaging service I use for my students, reading their personal info sheets, planning, seating charts, and on and on and on) BUT I wanted to share something with you that is still kind of amazing me.

On the students’ first day, Thursday, we had an assembly with all of the 9th graders(my students). My principal asked me to lead them in a small guided meditation, so I taught them the Headspace breathing I use. I hadn’t met most of them yet, as it was like 10am, but I found myself telling them that I deal with anxiety and use that technique a lot when I’m feeling overwhelmed. I didn’t even plan on it, it just came out. I’m honestly still shocked at myself, but I’m glad, too; I’d rather be authentic with them so that they know they’re not alone if they’re feeling overwhelmed. I’d rather they know that that empathy is there if they ever need it, rather than feeling isolated.

There’s more to write, but I’m also trying to not let self-care get lost as school starts back up, so you guys are going to have to wait a little. I promise to write a longer, more in-depth entry soon, but I wanted to get this up and to thank you guys – knowing that you read this makes it way easier to talk to other people about my experience, and I’m convinced and if it wasn’t for you guys, I wouldn’t have said anything to my students. So thank you.

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