Weekly Roundup 2.12.17

Some things:

  • This meltdown guide, which is THE BEST simple and clear advice on how to be the partner of someone with anxiety, panic attacks, and/or depression(and is also generally a good guide for being a partner/human).
  • The Wikipedia article on Nellie Bly, who exposed the awful treatment of asylum patients in 1887 and changed the way we treat mental health in this country (though we still have a long way to go. H/T episode “And It’s Surely To Their Credit” of The West Wing).
  • The Yellow Wallpaper“, a short story by Charlotte Perkins Gilman, whose post-partum depression led others to classify her as hysterical and dismiss her experience as invalid. She was inspired to write the story by the way others treated her during her depression, and she was a straight up OG feminist who divorced her first husband at a time when no one did that. She was AWESOME.

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