Weekly Roundup 3.26.17

I’m in the middle of making my weighted blanket (post coming soon!), but I took a break to stuff my face with Chipotle, watch an episode of The Mindy Project and share these awesome things with you:

  • This baby otter trying to find a comfortable sleeping position, which is basically my every night.
  • This video about using mindfulness in school, which I would LOVE to do.
  • This puppy jumping on a Great Dane, because kudos to the Great Dane for its patience and helping to socialize the little guy.
  • And these memes for book lovers, which are all me every day. (Sidenote: #12 is a date at a bookstore. For our second date, the dude took me to the Strand, the best bookstore in NYC. He suggested that we each pick out a book for the other, then read them and talk about them. Needless to say, I was like 😍, and have been that way ever since.)

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