okay, so, here’s what happened:

GUYS. You know how sometimes you have a question about something but google doesn’t quite cover it and it’s maybe a thing your friends don’t know much about or a combination of the two?


Screen Shot 2018-05-26 at 3.49.11 PM

Seriously, though. My sister and the dude** have built this AMAZING app called okayso where you can ask questions about all kinds of things (sex, stress management, relationships, sexual orientation and identity, birth control, etc etc) to groups of experts (therapist, sex educators, etc etc). It’s a great blend of accurate information and empathy and validation, and I really, really wish I’d had it in high school. And college. And when I was single for a long time before I met the dude. I was lucky to feel like I could talk to my sister and my mom about a lot of things, and luckier still to be able to take advantage of how much my sister knows about, well, everything. I’m fortunate in that I have the real-life co-founder of the app as my bestie/sister, but I know from being a person and also from working with young adults that I’m definitely in the minority with respect to the amount of accurate information at my fingertips. This app changes that.

I am so proud of what my sister and the dude, and everyone who’s contributed along the way, have created. I’m one of the experts for stress management and for relationships, and getting to see the app on my home screen and answer questions has been just the best experience so far. If you or someone you know would be into this, pass on the word/link/whatever. Yay for making the world a better place!


**Also I feel like it’s really important to note that THEY DID NOT ASK ME TO WRITE THIS. I asked them if I could because this app is awesome and I’m very excited. This is complete, 100% my enthusiasm for the fact that this awesome thing now exists in the world, and that fact that people I love created it is icing on the cupcake. I would absolutely be writing this post if the app had been created by people I didn’t know from Adam. 


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