Everything all the time

The dude and I were on one of our walks the other day, just kind of talking through future stuff and next steps. In the course of our conversation, I realized that there’s no single place where you can go to get everything you might need for anxiety resources; I might be wrong, but I feel like each author who’s written about anxiety has their own website, and no one has really plunked down and built a website about anxiety and its management, so, I’m going to. I’ve started this process by tagging and categorizing every post, and I’m going to change the layout a little bit. Don’t worry – the blog is still the main thing, and it will be prominently on the front page. It’ll just be a little bit easier to find things like which books might be helpful or where to start looking for a therapist; you won’t have to go back though old posts any more because each thing will have it’s own page. On the page will be links to any and all resources, relevant blog posts, etc.


What do you guys think? Is this helpful? Is this a thing you’re into? Talk to me!

3 thoughts on “Everything all the time

  1. If having everything in one place helps one person be healthier, it will be worth it. You may recall this is what “the dude” said when I asked him about the okay so app. Go for it, Lex. You have the passion and the experience to nail it.


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