Welcome to the new format!

YOU GUYS, LOOK! I'm so, so happy about this. I've been working pretty hard on it and I'm very excited. Up above you'll see links to pages that contain different types of resources: suggestions for coping with an attack, places where anxiety disorders are represented in media, etc. I'm adding to these all the time, … Continue reading Welcome to the new format!


What to do with me when I’m anxious: a guide for partners and loved ones

My sister sent me this a few weeks back, which I'm sure many of you have seen by now. I love that this woman made a list of ways that her partner can help her deal with her panic attacks. I made one of these for myself a long time ago, but it got me … Continue reading What to do with me when I’m anxious: a guide for partners and loved ones

Everything all the time

The dude and I were on one of our walks the other day, just kind of talking through future stuff and next steps. In the course of our conversation, I realized that there's no single place where you can go to get¬†everything you might need for anxiety resources; I might be wrong, but I feel … Continue reading Everything all the time

On saying yes

I mentioned before that saying yes can often be really hard for me. Even after working for years at a summer camp where that was part of my job requirement(seriously), I still struggle with it. Sometimes it can be incredibly difficult to give up even a little bit of control, and this can be especially … Continue reading On saying yes

okay, so, here’s what happened:

GUYS. You know how sometimes you have a question about something but google doesn't quite cover it and it's maybe a thing your friends don't know much about or a combination of the two? THERE'S AN APP FOR THAT. Seriously, though. My sister and the dude** have built this AMAZING app called okayso where you … Continue reading okay, so, here’s what happened:

What I’ve learned from Lenny

We're nearing the end of the school year, and I've got to be honest: I am SO ready. I've been ready since November. This year has been incredibly difficult, and while I'm proud of myself for managing anxiety throughout, I'm ready for a break. This shit is hard, guys, and I'm working really hard to … Continue reading What I’ve learned from Lenny

Lenny, or: my relationship with anxiety

As you guys know, I've been struggling with anxiety for decades now. In the course of my journey with anxiety, I think pretty much every verb under the sun could have been used to describe my relationship to it. At one time or another, I have interacted with anxiety in the following ways(this is by … Continue reading Lenny, or: my relationship with anxiety