More awesome internet things

These both come to you courtesy of the dude, who, amazing partner that he is, keeps an eye out for interesting anxiety-related stuff and passes it on to me(which is great, considering that most of the articles I read come from the Huffington post). How I got so lucky as to have a partner like that, I don’t know, but I’m gonna work my ass off to keep him around.

This is a super awesome blog entry about how our brains haven’t evolved to catch up with our environment yet. Too bad this isn’t like 4,000 years ago, because my anxious brain would have kept me alive while all you laid back folks would be looking to me for protection. (And now that I’m lifting weights, I could actually maybe protect you. Sort of.)

And this is a support community for people with mental health issues and the folks who love them. I haven’t look at it fully yet, but so far, it looks good.

There are most ideas and missives rumbling around in this brain of mine, and I promise to write more soon.

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