How anxiety makes me second-guess my emotions

Recently I've had a couple of experiences where I've been feeling things way more strongly than I usually do. Some of this is in my personal life, some not. Some things shifted at work, and even though my work husband did me a solid and gave me a heads up about it before they announced … Continue reading How anxiety makes me second-guess my emotions

I don’t need you to manage my anxiety, but I do need you to be mindful of it.

One of the things about anxiety that's most difficult for me on a day-to-day basis is the rumination. While it's easy to explain to people how thoughts or topics get stuck in your brain, what's not easy to explain is why they get stuck there. Or how stupid you feel for not being able to let … Continue reading I don’t need you to manage my anxiety, but I do need you to be mindful of it.

Weekly Roundup 2.12.17

Some things: This meltdown guide, which is THE BEST simple and clear advice on how to be the partner of someone with anxiety, panic attacks, and/or depression(and is also generally a good guide for being a partner/human). The Wikipedia article on Nellie Bly, who exposed the awful treatment of asylum patients in 1887 and changed … Continue reading Weekly Roundup 2.12.17

Expectation vs. Reality

The thing that has always been hardest for me in terms of anxiety - and life in general, if I'm honest - is managing my expectations. I am terrible at this. I've been working on it for years, and though I'm better than I used to be, I struggle with it daily. It doesn't help … Continue reading Expectation vs. Reality

Sad Sunday

Oh guys. Yesterday was a doozy. I started out the day feeling ok, actually. I did all of my normal Sunday morning things: I walked the dog, did the laundry, had my bagel. But as the day went on, I just got more and more blah. I watched Top Gear (a favorite) but it wasn't making … Continue reading Sad Sunday

Wait for love

Last weekend the dude and I went to see two of our friends get married, and let me tell you, that shit was amazing. Not only was the wedding gorgeous - married on a hill at sunset with a reception in a colonial house and barn in freaking Nashville - but I honestly just couldn't … Continue reading Wait for love

Going to California

We've been in San Francisco for a couple of days, and there are some things I've noticed about how anxiety functions when I travel. Sleep matters more than normal. The bed in our room is shoved up against the corner(which is on my side) and the room is only a foot wider than the bed … Continue reading Going to California

Days like this

Oof. Today was the worst day I've had in a long while. It wasn't one of those ramped up, scared, fight or flight days. It was a sad and overwhelmed day, which I guess I don't write about much. I felt pretty ok this morning, but as the dude and I were getting ready to … Continue reading Days like this

What it’s like to be the partner of someone with anxiety

The dude has graciously agreed to answer some questions about what it's like to be the partner of someone with anxiety, because he's the best. Please forgive my crying and general smittenness - I'll try to keep it to a minimum.   Tell us a little bit about yourself and your general experience with anxiety. … Continue reading What it’s like to be the partner of someone with anxiety

Check out my article on Greatist!

So, many of you know that I write stuff on The Mighty, but I've also started writing for I love them - they're like BuzzFeed but less shaming (seriously, WHY is there a post called "Can You Name Theses 90s NFL Stars?" ? That's just setting me up for feeling like shit). They also … Continue reading Check out my article on Greatist!