Achievement unlocked: you went to work every day!

GUYS. Something important has happened. The dude is out of town this week, and I went to work every day he was gone. I know this seems like duh, why wouldn't you go to work?, but in case you haven't been following my story for very long, you know I have a history of having to … Continue reading Achievement unlocked: you went to work every day!

Entitled to my emotions: unbreakable kimmy schmidt and its beautiful handling of mental health

Out of all of the things I have read and watched in the last few years that address mental health, there are two things that I feel handle it in a way that showcases the struggle and breaks down the stigma of seeking help. The first is Chris Traeger's journey on Parks and Recreation. I love … Continue reading Entitled to my emotions: unbreakable kimmy schmidt and its beautiful handling of mental health

Finding the right therapist

As you guys know, I love Huffington Post's coverage of mental health. They are inclusive, compassionate, and straightforward, and I really appreciate that. This morning they published some incredible stats about mental health and the pervasiveness of issues, and I highly encourage you to take a look at them. There are a number of issues mentioned that I … Continue reading Finding the right therapist

Getting out from under

I've written before about my love/hate relationship with anxiety: I love that it keeps me organized and conscientious of others and that it's heightened my sense of empathy. I hate that it makes me feel nauseous, that I can't always enjoy important moments, and that it makes some really simple things really difficult. My biggest … Continue reading Getting out from under

Pilgrim’s progress

When I was younger, I absolutely loved Little Women. As in, read it more than once a year, felt Jo's anger and sadness every time Amy burned her book, cried every time Beth died, felt joy every time one of the sisters found their partner. It remains to this day one of my favorites. I remember … Continue reading Pilgrim’s progress

Spring cleaning

Let's just take a second and talk about how amazing sleep is. SERIOUSLY. I slept a lot last night and I feel way, way better. In therapy yesterday, we were talking about how the last couple of days have been and I was saying that I'm glad that the bad days are better and how in some … Continue reading Spring cleaning

The two mes

For a long, long time, I've felt like there have been two mes. One is a kind of persona; the other the expression of my internal life. We started talking about this in therapy yesterday, and it's been on my mind. Why are there two? Is one more authentic than the other? Are these different … Continue reading The two mes