It’s only fear

Hey! Welcome to the new site! Which looks exactly the same!

I wanted to just take a second to talk about why I made the change from Terrible Horrible No Good to It’s Only Fear. While I love the name and the throwback of THNG, it’s a little long and I felt like it was limiting. It made me feel like everything I wrote had to have some element of the negative side of anxiety in it. And while there are a lot of negatives to anxiety, there are a lot of positives, too. It’s Only Fear allows me to not only talk about both sides, but to acknowledge fears and anxieties in other areas of our life and not just when they come up as part of panic disorders or my specific triggers. It also helps with the depersonalization of anxiety; the less you think about it as yours, the easier it is to be objective about it when it happens.

So from now on, you can find me here. All of the old addresses will redirect you to this space. I would also really love to have you guys contribute; if there’s something you want to share, this is a space for it. And you can be as anonymous or as public as you want.

Happy reading!

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