Weekly Roundup 4.16.17

I’ve been on spring break for a week, and it has been GLORIOUS. Spring is here, there’s so much sunshine, I get to be outside all the time, I’ve seen a lot of friends I was neglecting and got to hang out with my nephew and sister. It’s been 💯. Here are some of the things that have made it awesome:

  • This cold brew pitcher, which has made the best coffee(cold or hot) that I’ve ever had. Even better than the epic cold brew I got in New Orleans.
  • This adorable kitten trying to catch its shadow.
  • This interview with John Mayer, which resonates with me so much. Favorite quote: “It’s turning around and pointing at yourself and going ‘What’s in there?’ It’s a certain time in your life where you just want to turn yourself upside down and shake everything out and go, ‘Where’s the loose change? What is in here?'”
  • The science of deep breathing.


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