More on Tracking Symptoms and Habits

As you guys know, I’m a huge fan of tracking symptoms, emotions, habits, etc. I’ve recently started tracking my food so that I can start eating just a little bit better.

I stumbled upon this kickstarter for the Thrive Journal, which has everything I want all in one place. I keep checking every day, hoping it gets funded because it’s basically my perfect tool. And it’s gorgeous.

If you’re tracking anything or looking to improve your general mindfulness/be a little more aware of your choices, please consider pledging to the campaign. I signed up for just one journal, but I’ve been using the PDFs (you can get them if you share the kickstarter on your social media), and I’m in love. I want the whole shebang. And I’m about thisclose to going back and pledging the level that gets me 4 journals, because I’m like that.

Go check it out!


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