An update

Greetings from the South!

We’ve been in Raleigh for about six weeks, and let me tell you, there are so many things about it that are great and that have confirmed it’s the right move for us, at least for now.

First, we have TRIPlLE the amount of space. It’s bonkers. When we got down here, we stayed in a hotel for a few days until our stuff arrived from New York. On our first morning, we went to Bruegger’s(my childhood bagel store which has a ton of locations in the area), and then we came over to the house so I could see it for the first time. We walked in, I looked at the main floor – which is completely open and feels HUGE – and said “we live HERE?!” And then I started crying. I haven’t had this much space since I left home for college, and it’s a big, welcome change.

We’re close to a bunch of stuff – Target! Bagels! Red Robin! – but our little subdivision is kind of secluded. We live in a loop, and it’s so nice to walk the dog around in the morning before it gets hot. It’s also really great that taking her out before bed is 1 minute, max, when in Brooklyn it was at least 10 – and that’s if you didn’t have to wait for the elevator. We’re also close to a big state park and have taken some beautiful hikes there, which the dog has loved.

And, as much as the environmentalist in me cringes at having a car, I’m appreciative of it. Relearning to drive is forcing me to confront anxiety in a way I haven’t had to do in a long time. We don’t have to deal with the headache of renting a car when we want to go on a trip. And the dude and I have spent some great time in the car together. We actually have better time together because we’re not sitting right next to each other all day. He has his own office space, which means I get to miss him as I’m puttering around the house. And because we can just hop in the car, we tend to tag along with each other on errands. It’s been really nice to get back to a life where we have a good mix of time apart and time together.

On the pregnancy front, things have been good. No major issues, I love my OB practice down here, and we’ve started to get the things we need. I have a more in depth update about this side of things in the works; third trimester has been a bit rough emotionally, and I want to talk about that more specifically.

Stay tuned!

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