Goodbye, 2016 + Weekly Roundup 1.1.17

I'm not much for New Year's resolutions - personally I think you should be working on your shit all year long - but something I want to start working on happens to coincide with the beginning of 2017, so here we are. I want to start saying yes more. I used to practice this a … Continue reading Goodbye, 2016 + Weekly Roundup 1.1.17

Weekly Roundup 12.25.16

A few small things: These doodles that illustrate what life as an introvert is like. Emma Stone's take on managing anxiety. And finally, more puppies. (Merry Christmas and happy Hanukkah to those celebrating.)

How to manage holiday anxiety

Every couple of years, my dad and step-mom get all of their progeny together for Thanksgiving. The first time, we stayed in Tahoe and I remember taking a really long and wonderful walk with my step-mom and sitting in the hot tub under the stars with my niece. The second time, we were in Santa … Continue reading How to manage holiday anxiety

Weekly Roundup 11.27.16

This is a short version because I was out of town for most of the week, but here are a few things I enjoyed this week: Manduka Mat Cleaner in Lavender, which helped me wipe up the tears I cried during practice. These comics about introverts, that explain things way better than I ever could. … Continue reading Weekly Roundup 11.27.16

The Collective

I met Tabitha years ago when she was first dating my very good friend Adam. We were at his brother's then-girlfriend's kid's birthday party (say that five times fast), and the theme was to dress as your favorite villain. My date was Scar from The Lion King, I was Ursula from The Little Mermaid (I think?), and … Continue reading The Collective

How I wish people would talk to me about anxiety

It seems like you're not really yourself today. Is there something specific going on that you feel like talking about? If not, that's ok. Just know that I'm here to listen if you choose to say something. You're feeling anxious? How can I help you? I'd be happy to run to the corner store and … Continue reading How I wish people would talk to me about anxiety

Teenagers are pretty awesome.

HI GUYS. It's been a while. Forgive me. I'm been in school mode and it's been hectic and tiring and I feel like I don't quite have enough time for everything. Yet. It's also been pretty great, though, in more ways than one. Not only do I have a couple of students who have advocated … Continue reading Teenagers are pretty awesome.

Little faith

Remember how I told you guys in my last post that I ended up just straight up telling the whole freshman class that I have anxiety? It has already paid off. At the beginning of each year, I have my students fill out  a sheet about who they are. At the bottom, I give them … Continue reading Little faith

Hit the ground running

We've officially finished the first week of school! I'm exhausted. All the teachers out there know what I'm talking about; on Thursday I was so tired that I couldn't even take the dog for a walk, and on Friday when I went to bed I got about 2 pages into my book before I fell … Continue reading Hit the ground running

Ending therapy

I had my last session of therapy on Thursday, and it was... awesome. We spent a lot of the time talking about what the process was like, what I've learned, and what worked and didn't work. We ended the session with a hug, and then I left. I thought that I'd be scared to end, … Continue reading Ending therapy