How to manage holiday anxiety

Every couple of years, my dad and step-mom get all of their progeny together for Thanksgiving. The first time, we stayed in Tahoe and I remember taking a really long and wonderful walk with my step-mom and sitting in the hot tub under the stars with my niece. The second time, we were in Santa … Continue reading How to manage holiday anxiety

Weekly Roundup 11.27.16

This is a short version because I was out of town for most of the week, but here are a few things I enjoyed this week: Manduka Mat Cleaner in Lavender, which helped me wipe up the tears I cried during practice. These comics about introverts, that explain things way better than I ever could. … Continue reading Weekly Roundup 11.27.16

Sad Sunday

Oh guys. Yesterday was a doozy. I started out the day feeling ok, actually. I did all of my normal Sunday morning things: I walked the dog, did the laundry, had my bagel. But as the day went on, I just got more and more blah. I watched Top Gear (a favorite) but it wasn't making … Continue reading Sad Sunday

Exhale; Tadasana

I got back on the mat yesterday and boy howdy, let me tell you: THAT SHIT IS AMAZING. I knew I missed yoga while I was sick (still am, kinda, tbh). I knew I was just a little less content, a little more restless. But I thought it was just a little bit. It was … Continue reading Exhale; Tadasana

On Stamina

(I'm just going to jump right in as if my posts haven't been few and far between for the last couple of months.) I've talked a lot about yoga. About how it helps relieve anxiety, about my practice, about how it's nice to set aside that space for myself almost every day. And all of … Continue reading On Stamina

Down Dog

For those of you who have been following this for a while (or are new! Hey! Welcome!), you know how important yoga is to me. I've shared some of the music I listen to while I practice and in the near future will be posting sequences specifically geared to anxiety. I've haven't been as on … Continue reading Down Dog

You do you, buddy.

As we're wound down our work together, my therapist and I talked about this whole process and what it's been like(separate post on ending therapy is forthcoming). She brought up the fact that I've been very proactive about it, calling my approach to anxiety "methodical". I started laughing when she said that because yes, I absolutely … Continue reading You do you, buddy.

Spring cleaning

Let's just take a second and talk about how amazing sleep is. SERIOUSLY. I slept a lot last night and I feel way, way better. In therapy yesterday, we were talking about how the last couple of days have been and I was saying that I'm glad that the bad days are better and how in some … Continue reading Spring cleaning

Highly Sensitive People

I took the week off yoga last week, and boy was that an eye opener. I've known for a long time that yoga helps to manage the anxiety and panic attacks, and this year when school started I tried to really commit to a regular yoga schedule. Last week I thought I was getting sick … Continue reading Highly Sensitive People


Ok, so a while ago I did a post about some tools that have helped me manage my anxiety. And now, I want to write about the gear that makes those tools possible. I know that seems kind of silly, but living with the dude has given me a new appreciation of good, functional design. … Continue reading Gear