More awesome things

I promise some longer posts (and rad, new things) are in the works. But for now, check out these two short things: These awesome illustrations from artist Pranita Kocharekar about what anxiety is like. She totally nailed it, especially the last one. Mimi smartypants' most recent take on anxiety, passed on by the dude because … Continue reading More awesome things


A brief history of the anxious state

In looking over old entries, I realized that I've written about the last two years a lot. Like, A LOT a lot. And that makes sense to me because they've been really intense, but I also feel like there's a┬ábigger picture here. The reason that last two years were so bad is because, before that, … Continue reading A brief history of the anxious state

Down Dog

For those of you who have been following this for a while (or are new! Hey! Welcome!), you know how important yoga is to me. I've shared some of the music I listen to while I practice and in the near future will be posting sequences specifically geared to anxiety. I've haven't been as on … Continue reading Down Dog

Some things you can look forward to

Guys. First of all, a HUGE thank you to all of the people who have read, commented, and reached out over the last couple of days (and to the people who've been reading from the beginning. Y'all are the best). I hope you're finding things here that resonate with you and/or are helpful. Secondly, a … Continue reading Some things you can look forward to

On being in the moment

For my entire life, I've kept forgetting one really important thing: people who love you keep showing up. And if they can't, they make sure you know why instead of just ghosting on you. Let me back up. This weekend, the dude and I had a little housewarming shindig. We've been living together for over … Continue reading On being in the moment

Working while anxious

One of the biggest struggles I've had with this whole anxiety thing is figuring out how to handle it at work. While this is tough for everyone, my job as a teacher has some very specific challenges that make dealing with anxiety really difficult. It's my responsibility to manage and guide the behavior or 30-some … Continue reading Working while anxious

Ending therapy

I had my last session of therapy on Thursday, and it was... awesome. We spent a lot of the time talking about what the process was like, what I've learned, and what worked and didn't work. We ended the session with a hug, and then I left. I thought that I'd be scared to end, … Continue reading Ending therapy